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Welcome to Wind O' Washin', the Michael Jordan of window cleaning, and a subsidiary of Cloud 9 Steam Cleaning....!  In order to do a job the best that it can be done, one must know many ways it does not work.  Our specialty is residential window cleaning, and all the technical pain in the butt stuff that goes along with that.  We do do some commercial window cleaning, but prefer not to, since it has a track record of being awkward and thankless on the business side of things.  Thank you for stopping by.  This is Steven, the founder of Wind O' Washin'.  Today, April 1st, 2014; I had the notion to sit down and write a short synopsis of the business Wind O' Washin' to let our future, past and present customers know a little bit more about us.  This business was started in the Summer of 2011, and was bicycle based in the begining for the first half year, till the Fall of 2011, when a used van was purchased to haul more equipment and cover more territory in the Minneapolis metro region.  Our first jobs were rather small and we did not know what the going rates were for window cleaning, but we did want to work smart and do a great job.  We firmly believe we should treat other people's homes better than our own, so the only thing you experience is the blessing of meticulously clean windows!  We started Wind O' Washin' with the most basic/elementary window cleaning tools, and actually rode the metro bus to our first residential window cleaning job in one of the MPLS NW burbs.  We had a great day that day managing to clean at 3 homes in the same neighborhood.  Inch by inch equipment has been upgraded including the repairs needed on the older used van, and we purchased an equipment trailer and enclosed it to haul more cleaning equipment, and to put more signs on so people know our service is available.  Our pure deionized water-fed pole and brush system cost a few thousand dollars, and needs fairly expensive routine maintenance, but the pure water system greatly improved our ability to do much more difficult work with much greater high quality results in a much shorter amount of time.  Thank God for this wonderful progressive technology.  We cleaned quite a few homes around the Chain of Lakes area with this new equipment, as well as many homes in the out skirts of the metro area, like White Bear Lake and Shoreview.  One of our favorite clients resides in the Bryn Mawr neighborhood and has us out twice per year so far with no complaints.  A client we cleaned for back when we were hauling our equipment on a bicycle and 20 ft. extension ladder made into a bicycle trailer, called us back 2 years later, in 2013, to clean their windows and gutters again. We did the job in half the time as the first time we cleaned for them and included the gutters, which were billed separate and done on a later day the first time, and we reduced their bill by about $25 as compared to their first window cleaning only.  I think things just work a little smoother when you are already comfortable with people and you know much more of what to expect.  Thanks for giving us the opportunity to earn your much appreciated business!  Steven.

Check out all the client references, photos and videos on this website as well as our reviews on and  Wind O' Washin' has many 5 star reviews and references!  Excellent work is what we do at very reasonable prices.
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Wind O' Washin'

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Impeccable mobile auto detailing service being offered by Cloud Nine Auto Spa. By using the best in class, Dupray Hill-Injection steam cleaner, Cloud 9 Auto Spa is able to clean the interiors of automobiles  achieving close to like new condition without using chemicals.  A truly eco-friendly and time saving alternative to traditional car and engine cleaning.
The home above was cleaned Friday 08/23/2013 in 9.5 hours by myself, Steven Brick - owner & founder of Wind O' Washin'.  This client had no complaints and gave me a $60.00 tip!
  These are a few brief words from our clients to describe what they think of our service.

Holy Guacamole!
Better than NEW!
Highly recommended!
Wow, wow, wow!  Bless you!
More than exceeded our expectations!

Attention to detail and level of professionalism is truly one-in-a-million!
Crystal clear and streak free!     Very caring!  Job done right.
On-time.  On-budget.
Simply astounding!
© Steven Brick 2014
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